Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Life Update

Hi guys!

I'm sorry..I SUCK at blogging. I know I was supposed to post a "July favourites" but that is definitely now overdue. So instead I'll just update you guys on what has been happening with me and I'll let you in on some ideas I have for future posts :). 

Since my last post, a lot has been going on in my life. The most exciting thing however, is that I got my braces off! I had my braces on for 4.5 years (So long! They became a part of my identity LOL.) So it was very exciting for me to FINALLY get them off. Once I had gotten them off, I realized I had forgotten what my teeth felt like, so for the first couple hours I kept feeling my teeth with my felt odd that I didn't have brackets there anymore! For those of you who have gotten their braces off after a significant amount of time, let me know in the comments below if feeling your own teeth for the first time in a long time was weird too! Hopefully it's not just me. :S Here is the last picture I took with braces, and the first picture I took without my braces. If you guys have any questions regarding braces, don't hesitate to ask them in the comments either, I'll answer the best I can with knowledge from my experience. 
I have also been working a lot in the last several weeks. I decided to work as much as I could before school started because we all know that "student life = broke life". Obviously now that school has resumed for me, I am not working as much, therefore leaving me with more time to tend towards my blog :). Speaking of this blog..I do have a few ideas in mind that I would wanna post about. First off, because my "July favourites" is crazy late, I was thinking of doing a "current favourites" instead. I also wanted to do a photoshoot of some of my favourite outfits for the back to school/autumn season. If you guys didn't know, autumn is one of my FAVOURITE seasons because I'm really sensitive to the cold, the idea of being able to layer clothes, wear chunky knit sweaters, scarves and touques sounds amazing to me. I have also recently bought the new COVER GIRL Ready, Set Gorgeous liquid foundation so if you guys want a review on that, let me know as well!

And that's about it.

Let me know what else you guys would want to see in the future!

Until next time