Tuesday, 25 March 2014

20th Birthday

Hi guys!

Last Sunday it was my 20th birthday and I got to spend it with my friends and family. A couple days before my birthday, I started realizing that I wouldn't be a "teen" anymore and that being 20 means I am now officially an adult! (So scary! even though 19 is already considered an adult). Anyways, I went to a Japanese restaurant called "Shabusen" with several friends from school and we had all you can eat Japanese food, including Korean barbecue!! My friends are so lovely and wonderful that I really had such a wonderful day :). On my actual birthday, I spent the day with my family, went shopping with my mom and having a family dinner. I also got my first Tiffany and Co item!!! It's the 11mm open heart pendant and I love it so much. Such a surprise! I honestly feel so spoiled and so lucky to have such amazing people in my life who make me so happy and smile everyday. Who makes you happy?

In Topshop on my birthday

The night before my birthday I used this mask. I've only used it a couple times , I might do a review? 

Love, Kristie 

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