Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Shopping and French Pastries

Hi guys!

Today was a beautiful day so a friend from school and I decided to spend some time together. We ended up doing a little bit of shopping and ate French pastries at a place called Thierry. I was trying to find fairy lights (white flower vintage looking ones) and didn't have much luck :(. So I didn't end up buying too much, just a plain white Tshirt from J.Crew and a cardigan from Topshop. J.Crew gave out bouquet of flowers to those who purchased something today. My friend didn't want his bouquet so he ended up giving his to me haha. At Thierry, my friend decided to get the millefeuille while I got the mousse au fromage blanc, and we shared an apple green tea. It was absolutely delicious! Going for cakes and tea is one of my favourite things to do so I'd say today was a good day! :)




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