Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Light Spring Makeup

Hi guys!

The weather is getting warmer and when the weather gets warmer, I like to wear lighter makeup. More "natural" and "bareskinned" if you will. My skin is combination-oily so once it's getting warmer, I tend to get very oily and my makeup (especially foundation) will break apart and completely slide off my face. I usually get oily on my forehead, around my nose and on my chin. So this is what I''ve been wearing everyday to help keep my oilyness at bay.

1. After my skin care routine I will first put on a sunscreen. The one I have been using for years on my face is the Shiseido Ultra Sun Protection Lotion. This is a very light sunscreen and I find that it kind of acts as a primer as well because it absorbs quickly and leaves a semi matte finish on your skin, to prep for foundation.

2. After applying my Sunscreen, if it's especially hot then I will also apply a primer for extra oil control. I'm not too fussy about primers, at the moment I am using the Benefit Porefessional primer because I received a small sample size as a gift. If I choose to go straight for a foundation, right now I am using the Lioele Beyond the Solution BB cream.  BB creams are what I tend to go for in the warmer months because it is a lot lighter than a foundation but it still evens out your skin and conceal minor imperfections.

3. For blush, at the moment I am using Lancome ROUGE which is a beautiful red-pink color with a bit of shimmer.

4. Finally for my lips, I also like something light weight for spring/summer. Something almost stain like is what I usually go for. So lately, I've been really liking the Victoria's Secret Shine Drama Lip gloss in Punch Drunk. I actually got this as a gift on my birthday and I really love it. It's very light, moisturizing (I don't have to wear lip balm under it) buildable and does not feel sticky which I appreciate. I don't do anything for my eyes because I like to keep it as natural as possible.

Here's a swatch of it :) 

Everything together

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  1. This look is beautiful! Looks great :)