Sunday, 6 April 2014

My Spring Hairstyles | How to

Hi guys!

I thought I would show you guys three of my current "go to" hairstyles. I have been wearing these hairstyles very often because they are super simple and fast, and takes me about two minutes to do. I think they're perfect for spring because they help keep some hair out of your face.

1. Side fishtail

How to: Gather some hair (about two inches wide) to desired side of your head and start a traditional fishtail braid. Once you have finished the braid, tie it with an elastic then pull and tug onto the braid lightly to make it seem softer and fuller. Finish with hairspray to hold in place of you like.

2. Side "French" braid

How to: similar to the first hairstyle, just gather about two inches of hair and start a traditional French braid. Continue this French braid until you reach your ear and then finish with regular braiding. Once you have finished the braid, tie with an elastic and pull the braid to create a fuller and softer look. Hairspray into place if you like.

3. Side half up - half down pony

How to: Gather hair as if you were doing a regular half up half down pony. Maneuver the hair onto one side of your head and tie with an elastic. Super simple! And very "Ariana Grande" inspired.

And those are my current favourite hairstyles! They are super fast and easy which is why I always find myself doing them. Just a quick note, my hair is semi curled in these photos because it gives me more texture and it helps my braids hold together better. But I have done these hairstyles with straight hair and they work fine as well.



  1. lovely hairstyle! please check out my blog: thankyou xo

  2. Ooh, I love the side French braid! I'm going to have to try that one out soon!

    1. Yay! Take a pic and show me when you do :))