Tuesday, 1 April 2014

My Hair

Hi guys!

A lot of people have been asking me questions about my hair after I posted that picture of my hair in my spring ootd blog post. In all honesty, I actually don't do much to it. I don't like putting a lot of product in my hair and I wash my hair after every two days. So here are some of your questions answered.

My hair naturally. (Except for the bangs in this pic)
1. I trim my hair every 5-6 weeks 
2. I do not blow dry my hair, if I have to I will blow dry it on the lowest setting
3. I rarely use hot tools (straightner, curler,etc)

4. This is the most I ever heat style my hair. I use a one inch Revlon straightner to quickly add waves using the lowest setting (takes less than 5 minutes)

5. My hair is dyed. I have dyed it multiple times using Liese Prettia in Glossy Brown
6. I don't use hairspray or any styling products in my hair
7. Hairstylists say my hair is very thick and there is lots of it
8. My hair is naturally black and pin straight
9. This is the shampoo and conditioner that I am currently using. It works well, I'm not too fussy about shampoos. 
10. This is my hairstraightner it's a one inch straightner. I've had this for years

11. I believe good hair growth and health start from within so I take fish oil suppliments to help maintain good hair, skin and nails

I hope that answered all your hair questions haha. 



  1. Your hair is gorgeous! Check out my blog if you have the time?