Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Reunited & Thai Food

Hi guys!

A few days ago, my friend Mikayla came back from an exchange program in Sweden. We decided to meet up and catch up on life since she's been gone for the past six months. She actually daily blogged her entire trip, so if some of you guys are thinking about going on an exchange or are going on an exchange and are curious about what to expect, you can read all about her adventures HERE :). and tell her I sent you!

We decided to go for some Thai cuisine since she was craving Asian food and I had never been to a Thai restaurant before. We both ordered the Pad Thai & Salad and it was super delicious! The restaurant that we went to was called Thai Basil.

After that, we just wandered around the streets of downtown Vancouver and popped into a few shops. Later on, we stopped for some bubble tea and chatted. It was a super chill day and it was super nice to finally see one of my best friends again after 6 whole months! I hope you guys are having a fantastic day, until next time!



  1. The pad thai looks delicious!

  2. I think I've been to that restaurant before! It's delicious :)